Kenton Lepp


Favourite activity

CrossFit, golf, tennis and beach volleyball

Best thing about working in construction

Seeing a vision start on paper and approaching the planning, sequencing, and challenges of custom construction as a team to build a unique and beautiful home

If I had to eat one meal every day for the rest of my life, it would be

Steak and mashed potatoes

Three traits that define me

Humble, trustworthy, resourceful

One thing I can’t live without



Never asks someone to do something they are not willing to themselves, and are humble enough to admit they can’t be the best at everything, and surround themselves with people who are

Best place I’ve travelled

Indonesia because it’s beautiful place and where I met my beautiful wife

In sports, I prefer

Both offence and defence so I can compete the entire game

Least favourite food

Chicken pot pie


Dalmeny, Saskatchewan

I’m happiest when

I’m on vacation with my family