Lucas Lawrence

Project Manager

Favourite activity

Is it lame if I say I love board games? I also love park barbecues

Best thing about working in construction

The satisfaction of seeing progress every day and enjoy the constant problem solving

If I had to eat one meal every day for the rest of my life, it would be

If I had to eat pizza from Pizzeria Barbarella every day I wouldn’t be sad

Three traits that define me

Positive, enthusiastic, talkative

One thing I can’t live without

My guitar — I need to play it, it needs me to play it. Should I have said my children?

A leader

Sets the example for everyone else, and welcomes the buck always stopping at them

Best place I’ve travelled

Austin, Texas! Best food/climate/drinks/culture/people combination I’ve ever experienced. The breakfast tacos were incredible

In sports, I prefer

Defence because I’m not really good at any sports and less likely to be crushed

Least favourite food

Mushrooms. Why would you eat fungus?


Cloverdale. It’s not Langley and it’s not really Surrey

I’m happiest when

My children aren’t fighting, I’m at the beach, and it’s sunny outside